A brand-new way to sell your home. It is faster, accurate, simple, and insanely cheaper.

A New Option for Today’s Home Sellers

It is easy to sell a home in today’s new economy. It is a strong sellers’ market. More and more home sellers recognize this trend and are selling independently. What’s going to happen when that offer comes in?

An offer on our home happens only a few times in our lives. Here is a process overview that helps ensure your negotiation will succeed. This process works for an independent owner or an owner using the brand-new PropBox option. Independent owners and PropBox owners both use multiple ad sources. PropBox is a unique advertisement a homeowner uses to make their home stand out by disclosing important facts that help buyers make informed decisions before making an offer. There are several differences between independent sellers and PropBox sellers. Understandable forms, transparency, safety, vetted customers, and online transactions are PropBox’s hallmarks.

PropBox.co is different. PropBox standardizes earnest money, closing date, acceptance dates, and other built-in safety and qualification features into a written conversation so the parties can focus on the critical terms. During the online negotiation, both parties can modify the built-in terms. Here is a link to negotiation tips. When the parties agree the terms are acceptable, PropBox generates the complete contract and delivers it to both parties’ dashboards. PropBox then automatically provides the contract to the title company. The title company completes the closing documents and schedules the online closing.

Both options provide maximum flexibility to both seller and buyer as there is no commission, minimal drama and conflict, and the common goal of saving time and money. Both services provide an agent option, although the PropBox approach to agents is customer focused. An offer could appear in the first few days, or it may take time.

A PropBox Owner:

  1. Register for your dashboard and pay an ad fee. (buyers register free for their dashboard as well)
  2. A yard sign is included and shipped to you. You also place an ad on Zillow.
  3. Show your home to potential buyers.
  4. The seller and buyer negotiate the offer to reach an agreement online, or one party terminates.
  5. PropBox generates a detailed purchase agreement for both parties to sign. The contract is forwarded to the title company to create the closing documents.
  6. The title company closes the transaction online. The buyer receives a recorded deed, and the seller gets their proceeds.

An Independent Owner:

  1. Buys a yard sign, places an ad on Zillow, and signs up on an FSBO ad site.
  2. Show your home to potential buyers.
  3. The buyer delivers an offer in person, by regular letter, or by an email attachment.
  4. The negotiation begins here. You can accept or counter the offer. Experience has shown that to reject the proposal is unwise, even if you considered the offer not worthy of a counteroffer.
  5. If the offer is unacceptable, you counteroffer with what you will accept. The negotiation continues until you reach an agreement or one of the parties terminates the negotiation.
  6. An agreement is reached when both parties sign the last counteroffer – many done manually.
  7. The seller delivers the negotiation documents to the title company to generate the closing documents.
  8. Buyer and seller attend a physical closing at the title company, depending on the seller’s choice of a title company. The buyer receives a recorded deed, and the seller gets their proceeds.

PropBox believes technology makes opening your own door easy.