1. Should I buy a home (or two) with prices so low?

    Reader Question: Monty,houses are selling at one third of what their market value was five years ago. Should I buy one, two or more? Monty’s Answer: The answer to your question will be different for different people. There is no “right” answer. Most of us have circumstances that are unique that others do not share. […]

  2. Should I renovate a house in a run-down area?

    Reader Question: Are there any strategies or tips for renovating houses in run-down areas? A friend and myself want to purchase and renovate a property, but the budget is limiting the types of properties available to us. We have found plenty of houses within the budget that require renovating at a price we believe we […]

  3. Should I combine two parcels?

    Reader Question: Dear Monty, My wife and I recently purchased some lakefront property. The property contains two small, similar lots. We plan to keep both of them. One lot has a cabin, and the other is vacant. We currently pay property taxes of $800 (cabin parcel) and $550 (vacant parcel). At the time of purchase, […]

  4. How is buying a foreclosure different?

    Reader Question: Monty, I found a home I loved, but it was under contract. The market seems more competitive, but I have a decent real estate agent. Because the market seems tougher, I wonder how to get into the foreclosure market. If you have any advice here, I will appreciate your thoughts. Bridgette S. – […]